Mike is a leader in genome bioinformatics with world-class expertise in genomics, data science, and software engineering. Operating independently from Honolulu & always open to new collaborations!

Prior affiliations: DNAnexus, Kellis lab, Broad Inst, MIT EECS

Get in touch: **TwitterGitHubLinkedInGoogle Scholar**


Selected works


GenomicSQLite genome indexing & compression for the embedded RDBMS

iitii learned index structure for genomic intervals

**spVCF** storage for variant call sets on 1M+ genomes


**miniwdl** bioinformatics workflow runner & dev toolkit

**GLnexus** scalable joint variant calling

**htsget** GA4GH API for web access to genomic datasets


PhyloCSF protein-coding evolutionary signatures in cross-species alignments

mlin.net freeware Windows utilities since 1999

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